As a textiles and seat components manufacturer for the automotive industry,

As a textiles and seat components manufacturer for the automotive industry,

the Tesca group demonstrates its expertise in comfort and materials around the world with agility through a long term vision. Imagine tomorrow, deliver everyday is our motto. We are comitted to listening to our clients’ needs and keeping a creative mind at all times.

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Our expertise

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Colour & Trim and Design

At TESCA, the idea of creativity has a unique significance and is integrated within a strong innovation policy. In our design studios, our designers all around the world are dedicated to define user expectations by depicting its lifestyle and habits in a fast changing society. Giving meaning, creating novelty, making a difference : this is the vocation of the design team, relaying with OEM’s designers.
From concept to production car, our designers conceive, design and develop personalized solutions tailored to each area of the world.

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Textile technologies

Historically well renowned in the textile industry, Tesca assigns great importance to this constantly evolving area of expertise.
The group’s strength mainly lies within its renowned skills of textile creation, and the professionalism of all our  experts in the technologies required in the automotive world. It also lies within the longstanding savoir-faire in other materials such as leather, synthetic leather and nonwovens. This know-how is supported by a global footprint of facilities in Europe, Asia, America and North Africa, manufacturing competitive products close to our customers.

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Key step in the making process of materials for the automotive interior, lamination is one of the main savoirs faire of the group. The process consists in the bonding of the textile material to its foam in order to improve its sensorial and technical properties. This is why we pay special attention to it : the comfort and endurance of our textiles, plastic materials or leather depend on the lamination process to determine the precision of their cutting.

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Cut and sew

The appearance of the seating is crucial in the passengers’ compartment. Each automotive trim has its own style. The integration of the materials must be perfect. At Tesca, we analyse and make each cover with special care and consideration, from our ateliers to our production units, as if it were unique.

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Seat Components

Tesca conceives, designs and develops ergonomic seat components interfacing with the driver and the passengers. Headrests, armrests and seat pads are designed in a way that the integration of electronic or mechanical components confer their smooth handling.

Our unique approach to comfort, safety and design differentiates us in the world of automotive seating. We enjoy challenges that demand a great attention to detail, such as space saving and weight reduction. We propose to automotive manufacturers, quality components enhancing the solutions offered to passengers.

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Industrial solutions for bespoke services

Tesca excels in the assembly of small pieces, therefore making a difference in the passengers compartment, sometimes even on the exterior of the vehicle. We are also specialized in the manufacturing of high-quality components in small series. On the base of our industrial practice implemented for large scale production, we deliver optimised bespoke solutions to our clients.


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Tests & Safety

Safety is inevitable in the automotive field: For over 35 years, we worked in accordance with the demanding security standards of the automotive field. In line with the latest technical specifications of the automotive manufacturers, our teams implement the protocol within our laboratories with equipment of the the latest generation.


Tesca in numbers

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More than 4000 employees around the world

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17  locations including 28 production sites worldwide

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100% automotive

and dedicated to our clients
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Over 70 years in the automotive textile world

Textile manufacturer since 1836, Tesca has become a global automotive supplier.

Our experts are keen to hear about your projects.