Our values

Partner of major automotive manufacturers

Tesca, it’s the story of a family-run company who took advantage of its textile savoir-faire to engage in the automotive industry, expanding its business to automotive seating. In the way of a French House of automotive manufacturing, the company works on each piece with care and precision, from its atelier to its production sites worldwide. Partner of major automotive manufacturers, we cultivate the same creative audacity.

Our clients are demanding visionaries

who invent the future of mobility ; and we accompany them in their permanent quest for innovation and competitivity as a reliable and flexible partner. We believe that a long term and eco friendly vision is the sole key to our company’s growth, and this is why we do not settle for good, we strive for the best.

Empowering Innovation

Innovation is in perpetual motion in the company : it encourages the emergence of new ideas and fosters its execution. With special attention paid to the user in terms of comfort, new functionalities and safety, our research programs are oriented towards the key themes of the automotive industry : weight reduction, optimisation in the conception of our parts and the expertise of our ecological footprint. The Group holds a significant number of patents in the conception, design and manufacturing of parts and seat components, such as headrests, armrests, seat upholstery, padding ; likewise for the conception and manufacturing of textiles such as « smart textiles ».

A concrete approach of Sustainability

As a responsible industrialist, Tesca takes solid actions that hinge on the respect of the environement, in regards to social values and reasoned economy. Tesca is one of the first suppliers in the world to replace synthetic materials with biosourced or recycled materials. Meanwhile, we turn some of our waste into new products with the aim to master our ecological footprint better.

Industrial excellence, a major focus in our strategy

Whether it be a local production site or a research centre, the Tesca facilities ensure reliable processes adapted to the growing expectations of the market everywhere in the world. This organization is based on the principle of a strong empowerment of our teams in the dynamics of continuous improvement. Competitiveness, efficiency and the guarantee that we provide the best service are the base of our industrial success. SPRINT (Tesca's INdustrial Production System) is our system of continuous improvement that engages our collaborators at all levels of the organization. The approach aims to standardize procedures and ensure the permanent progress in industrial performance. The workers in our sites share the same values : excellence, self-discipline, commitment, autonomy and pragmatism.

Our history


First Automotive activity, by providing Citroën 2CV roof


TRÈVES has been the first to develop and apply Foam In Place technology


Creation of its Design Studio in Paris


Fondation of CERA in Reims, first R&D center of the group


Offering worldwide production


Trèves TSC becomes

Our clients