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Emphasize your skills, choose an exciting company

You are one of a kind… So are we!

Working at TESCA, it’s to shape and to impact the creation of innovative solutions for the global automotive industry.

Come and join us! The company’s longstanding history has defined its modernity through a consistant responsiveness, a strong innovation culture and a constant endeavor for growth.

Enjoy yourselves, choose a company of enthusiasts

Come and discover a strong and captivating work culture.

Sales, Design, Operation, R&D, Engineering, Support, we have opportunities in a wide range of fields.

The evolution of our market is in need of open minded and creative people who have the ability to develop strong synergies among the Group’s different business areas.

Every day will be a new challenge, creating new experiences and outperforming yourself will enrich your knowledge and your relational skills.

Teamplayers will succeed and thrive in our company.

TESCA is a captivating company, with strong and lasting connections.

Join a local yet international company

Our clients are major international automotive manufacturers who require a locally based service, we are where our clients are!

TESCA has built a strong industrial  network as a result of its many implantations around the world; hence secured a key position in the automotive industry in Europe, Asia, North and South America and North Africa.

In each of these countries, our managers and HR team will be keen to hear about you and help with your career path : we have opportunities from worker to head of department in a local management culture. They will be fully committed to developing your skills and find the best match to your ambitions and the company’s aspirations.

We are eager to strengthen our associates with outstanding training courses in all the countries where we are implanted.

Meanwhile, we strongly support international mobility within our company.

Your ambition, our savoir faire

We care for our people, and this is one of TESCA’s major principles.

We are convinced that your skills, your commitment and your fulfilment are the key to our company’s success,

As part of TESCA, you will be an active member of its development, its change and its future. We will also make sure that you will be given tasks that fully use your skills.

5 reasons to chose Tesca

A growing global leader

A steady ownership that characterizes Tesca’s independance by leading a long term development strategy.

Strong human values

within a group that puts people at the core of its strategy, and with the possibility to act and to build your career.

Commitment to sustainability

Tesca pursues a strong-willed environmental policy paired with sustainable choices : from eco-conception to waste-recycling.

Innovation, our driving force

Innovation is written in the DNA of Tesca. Each year, the Group files over thirty patents.

Encouraging mobility

Worldwide implantations, a range of professions and a vast market, Tesca offers many mobility opportunities.

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